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EMTALA Answer Book 2018

By: Moffat, Jeffrey C.

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ISBN-10: 1454885068
ISBN-13: 9781454885061
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The 2018 Edition of The EMTALA Answer Book shows how the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) affects not only emergency physicians but on-call physicians, specialists, and hospitals. And it shows how the feds have stepped up enforcement against EMTALA violations. But most importantly, The EMTALA Answer Book shows you how to meet these medical duties, stave off these legal threats, and avoid fines, bad publicity, and exclusion from Medicare.

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Style Number: 4548MOF8506

Series: EMTALA Answer Book

Volume: 2018

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Edition: 01

Publisher: Aspen Publishers, Incorporated | Publish Date: 11/17 | Copyright 2018

Notes: A New Edition of this title is due 01/19

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