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School-Age Language Intervention: Evidence-Based Practices

By: Ukrainetz, Teresa A.

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ISBN-10: 141640595X
ISBN-13: 9781416405955
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School-Age Language Intervention: Evidence-based Practices explains how to teach the language and literacy skills, strategies, and underlying processes needed for educational success. This book brings together an array of experts to provide the latest practical and evidence-based guidance to school speech-language pathologists. School-Age Language Intervention shows that the research evidence continues to support the themes of the popular Contextualized Language Intervention: intervention within naturalistic, motivating communicative contexts, using the critical treatment elements of RISE (Repeated opportunities,

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Style Number: 4164UKR0595

Pages: 689

Edition: 01

Publisher: Pro-Ed | Publish Date: 12/14 | Copyright 2015

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