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Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration. Text with Navigate 2 Advantage Access Code
By:Pozgar, George D. MBA , 13th ed.

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Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide
By:Ciconte, Barbara L. , 3rd ed.

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Public Budgeting Systems
By:Lee, Robert D. Jr. , 8th ed.

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Consulting and Evaluation with Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations
By:Viola, Judah J. , 1st ed.

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Nonprofit Marketing
By:Fortenberry, John MBA, PhD , 1st ed.

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Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organization
By:Brown, William , 1st ed.

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Sports Marketing: The View of Industry Experts. Text with Access Code
By:Bruton, Daniel J. , 1st ed.

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Mastering the Job Search Process in Recreation and Leisure Services
By:Ross, Craig M. , 2nd ed.

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Health Care Finance
By:Baker, Judith J. PhD , 5th ed.

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Essentials of Health Care Finance
By:Cleverley, W , 8th ed.

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Intermodal Container Emergencies
By:Hildebrand, Michael S. , 2nd ed.

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Public Budgeting Systems
By:Lee, Robert D. Jr. , 9th ed.

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