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Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience

By: Karnes, Barbara

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ISBN-10: 0962160318
ISBN-13: 9780962160318


Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience is well known in end of life education as "The Little Blue Book." This was the first, the primary source, and remains the most widely used patient/family booklet on the signs of approaching death. It also contains Henry Van Dyke.s poem about death. The biggest fear of watching someone die is fear of the unknown; not knowing what dying will be like or when death will actually occur. The booklet Gone From My Sight explains simply, with no medical terminology, the normal process of dying and stages of approaching death from disease. Dying from disease is not like it is portrayed in the movies. Yet movies, not life, have become our role model. Death from disease is not happenstance. It doesn't just occur; there is a process. People die in stages of months, weeks, day and hours. Having this knowledge will help address the fear of death and dying that most of us bring to the bedside of a person approaching death. Gone From My Sight is literature used to reduce fear and uncertainty; to neutralize the fear associated with dying. It is designed to help people understand dying, their own or someone else.s. Use this guideline while remembering there is nothing concrete, all is very flexible. Any one of the signs in this booklet may be present, all may be present, none may be present. For some it will take months for others only minutes. The most frequently asked question I get from families is "How long?" Gone From My Sight will give as close and accurate an answer to that question as can be provided.

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Publisher: Barbara Karnes Books, Inc. | Publish Date: 2005 | Copyright 1986

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