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Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference

By: Studer, Quint

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ISBN-10: 0974998605
ISBN-13: 9780974998602
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A "textbook with passion", Hardwiring Excellence offers a road map and practical how-to guide for creating and sustaining a culture of service and operational excellence. In this book, author Quint Studer, CEO of Studer Group, draws on his personal experience as a former hospital executive who led two organizations to the top 1% in patient satisfaction and his experience coaching hundreds of healthcare organizations since. Based on Studer Group's Nine Principles SM, Quint Studer shows how to retain more employees; ensure better customer service; build strong leadership, align organizational values, goals, and results; increase communication; reward and recognize individual success while also requiring accountability; and move operational performance for better financials, market share, and growth. At the core of the journey, he says, is a sense of purpose, worthwhile work and making a difference. When organizations learn how to harness this passion in their employees, they create a success spiral with ever increasing momentum.

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Style Number: 9749986STU0

Pages: 280

Edition: 01

Publisher: Fire Starter Publishing | Publish Date: 03/04 | Copyright 2003

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